#8 1962 Monza Wagon

By trunk37 - Posted on 21 November 2011

Production: 2,362
Chevrolet released a Corvair wagon model in 1961 with both 500 and 700 model wagons. In 1962 they dropped the 500 wagon and added the Monza wagon. On year later Chevrolet dropped the Corvair Wagon. The wagon models were called Lakewoods.

In 1961 the Lakewood was available in base form as part of the Corvair series 500 and in more luxurious form as the Corvair Series 700. The following year the base trim level was called Corvair Deluxe series 700 and the top-of-the line model was the Corvair Monza series 900. The Series 900's engine developed 84 bhp and was connected to a 2 speed Powerglide automatic gearbox.


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